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Our customer's advantages:
  • No membership requirements
  • No annual fees
  • Intelligent communication
  • with the debtors
  • A young, highly motivated team consisting of legally qualified individuals and specialized competencies from various business sectors
  • Every business, no matter if it is a small operation or a multi-billion euro enterprise, relies on its clients paying their bills. Your own welfare depends on your ability to retain your solvency, which is why you need a strong professional partner to assist you.
    Collection services / Claims management
    Your company’s liquidity has to be ensured, especially if it is in jeopardy; unfortunately, based on recent experience, payment behavior >>more<<
    Business information and credit checks
    We offer a credit risk evaluation to our clients by performing credit checks on the basis of economic information on national as well as on international >>more<<
    International collection
    We take over the collection of international claims worldwide. Reminders are rapidly phrased for you in the respective national language within the EU. >>more<<
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